Reshmi Chetram

Reshmi Chetram will be performing a duet with Parul Gupta choreographed by Sandhya Desai on Sunday, September 23rd.

This dance composition is titled “Reflections” and is based on moving images resembling those of a kaleidoscope.  Traditional and innovative Kathak movements have been used to interpret the rhythm and melody.  Reflections shows the different sides of Kathak dance and music and all its intricate beauty. Music composition by Atul Desai.


Reshmi comes from an artistic family. She developed her love for dance- more specifically, for Kathak from her mother Deviekha Chetram. At a young age Reshmi was exposed to the artform as mother had founded the Tarana Dance Centre in 1989, allowing Reshmi to grow up hearing Tukras & Tatkar on a daily basis. From the young dancer to a young woman pursuing her love for the art- Reshmi’s passion is dance.

Since 2005 Reshmi has been traveling to New Delhi India to study under the guidance of Pandit Birju Maharaji. Having been exposed to his teachings & advanced students of Kalashram it has enriched Reshmi’s love for the artform; the beauty of Kathak is that you never stop learning.

Reshmi is the principal dancer for the Natya Arts Productions & Choreographer at the Tarana Dance Centre. Following along with her passion for dance, Reshmi is an entrepreneur in the Dance Industry. She founded two of her own companies BollyFit International & the Dance For Life Foundation.

Reshmi is being recognized as an emerging artist in the dance industry, along with her passion for Kathak, she loves everything dance related. Reshmi has now gone onto reach out to others who share the same passion by teaching Kathak & Bollywood classes, BollyFit Fitness classes & showcasing Toronto based artists on a platform that raises funds for charity.

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